E. Bo-young¡¯s Talking Club On-line System ETOS!
ETOS further enhances learning opportunities for students to continue at home after off-line classes. This is one of the most distinctive characteristics of E. Bo-young¡¯s Talking Club.

On-line homework acts as a supplement for continuous study. It enhances the materials that the students use in their off-line classes.
E-Learning Contents aims to stimulate curiosity and constantly trigger motivation using edutainment contents.

Records on classes, attendance, evaluations, and much more provide a full-circle management for students to stay on track while giving them a constant boost to keep up the good work.
Shall we go into the On-line homework first?
The On-line homework consists of materials directly relevant to the textbooks in the Phonics, Intro, and Main series according to each student¡¯s level.

The homework in each unit is made of: opening, learning, and closing and it acts as supplementary instruction for learners, considering their abilities and interests. The homework of the Phonics series starts with an adventurous story where Talkie and Waggle search for six keystones in order to maintain peace in the world.
The homework, made up of sounds, letters, words, songs and chants gives students opportunities to learn the alphabet and sounds with games, naturally. Also, it provides the vocabulary needed for basic conversations with flash contents so students can have fun learning.

In addition, corrections on mistakes are also made until students master the goal of the lesson at hand. These steps enable students to learn English in an excellent educational environment.

The homework of the Intro series has various episodes where Talkie and Waggle try to make friends on Earth. The homework consists of vocabulary, dictation, D. O. L, and V. R. S and its goal is to improve fluency and accuracy of learners.
High solution sound waves induced by V.R.S improves speaking ability in that students can record their speech and then have their pronunciation precisely evaluated. Using V. R. S., learners can listen to their voice and see the sound waves of their own voice pitch to practice. It is mandatory for learners to have a good command of both fluency and accuracy. In addition, as teachers check and evaluate students¡¯ V. R. S, learners can correct their inaccurate pronunciation effectively.
The homework of the Main series for advanced learners has themes that are based on the curiosity of teenagers and their dreams based on the topic of ¡®growing-up¡¯.

The homework consists of: listening, speaking, reading, and writing to help students express their opinions freely and fluently through intensive study needed for daily life. This particular level also concentrates on writing.

Upon completing on-line homework, students will receive point values as incentives for their good work. With these points, students may purchase various items provided in our ETOS system and can study other e-learning contents in Talk Talk World.
Talk Talk World includes intensive contents which is helpful for improving various skills needed for studying English. This also includes various edutainment materials as well.

Online videos divided into various categories are also provided fo r students to select and study.

In addition, interactive story books, cartoons, animations, and educational games stimulate curiosity of the students in studying English.

Now it is possible for parents to receive grades from teachers and constant feedback of their child¡¯s progress at home.
ETOS gives the right direction for students to effectively study English with a scientific evaluation device!!
You can expect your English ability to improve a lot by using our student-centered ETOS!
ETOS includes Online Homework materials for students to use. Fun characters to appeal the interest of young learners implement some of the contexts in Online Homework. A few of the characters involved in Online Homework is Talkie with his pet Waggle. Talkie's rival and friend at times, Jack, is also included in the story. Jack also has a pet Parrot.