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As a professional English Education organization, E. Bo-young¡¯s Talking Club believes honesty and the search for truth are the basic philosophies of education.

In Korea, many students are receiving their education through various English language institutes and as well as self studying materials. It is still a pending question whether or not these students are able to converse freely in English as promised by common English professionals. It is very common for students to use home study materials from a leading big name company with over 20 years experience in English curriculum development.
Yet, after having completed these supplemental guides, have you ever seen any of these students speak with a good command of English as advertised? If you have met some students, then try to make an objective judgment. We clearly state that our program works because we deliver what we say unlike other programs that say one thing and mean another. In addition, our ETOS (E. Bo-young¡¯s Talking Club Online System) allows students to study furthermore using their computers from home besides their daily workbook homework using various animations in a fun game-interactive manner.
Textbooks or programs emphasizing vocabulary memorization have their typical promise to the public. It is the same run down with speaking practice through cassette tape repetition. The essence of English education is to teach one how to speak and learn.
No longer should we ruin the essence of English education by teaching students just how to write or by forcing them to memorize grammatically correct out-of-date phrases they will never use in a conversation. Learning how to speak by speaking first is the way. English should be learned through constant conversation in an entertaining manner. E. Bo-young¡¯s Talking Club clearly shows the results by speaking and practicing the truth with love and compassion.