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It is an honor to say a few words all those visiting our website.
Welcome! As it is a widely known fact that learning English can be extremely difficult in Korea, Id like to express hope and the possibilities of meeting success with the English language without leaving the country to an English-speaking environment.

I express my understanding and struggles that students have when encountering a foreign language. I have experienced all the hardships of learning English myself when studying in my youth. And over the course of time, I have realized and met the successful ways of learning. As privileged as I am to be a successful learner myself, I bring the way I was taught to our franchised institutes. Various teaching methodologies, theories, and ideologies may be natural aspects that universally differ among various teachers.
However, the way I have learned from my teachers with my personal experience as a teacher shed light in seeking the truth in the appropriate way to teach our students in an EFL environment.

Due to the persistent demand of quality English in Korean society and all over the world-that is-the rising demand in efficient speaking-oriented classes, our curriculum has been carefully developed and met the needs of those willing to learn and speak English. Our ways of teaching goes beyond simple vocabulary memorization or grammar-concentrated drills. As I always emphasize, learners can only be expected to express themselves successfully only through lots of input and producing lots and lots of output aided by proper feedback from teachers.
If youre genuinely interested in our ways, stop by and directly meet with our teachers and directors (franchisees), look at our textbooks and see the practicality of our program for yourself. You will realize that most programs that are out on the market are different from ours.

The majority of students in Korea have a hunger to acquire English skills. Let us show them the way as I have been shown, and help them in becoming confident in their dreams that they will practice in the international community for their near futures to come.!
Join us to lead the future and uplift the quality of learning English in the dynamic English Education Industry of S. Korea.