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Over the decades after the Korean state regained control of the nation¡¯s independence from the Japanese colonial rule, the country¡¯s fever to revitalize all aspects of quality education soon came to a concern. And over the decades, most areas of studies in education had advanced including English. However, one aspect of English that could not make way to the expected point was-speaking. Traditionally, students all over the nation would receive the highest scores in various proficiency exams but still could not speak as well as their scores would assume. However, one person had the will to show others around her how she had successfully learned and managed to master the English language in all aspects of English from listening, reading, grammar, speaking, fluency and pronunciation. Her name is E. Bo-young.

She had mastered the English language without having to ever go overseas for further studies. As the majority of the Korean population is not privileged to go overseas to learn, she stands as a role model among the English learning community in Korea. E. Bo-young¡¯s Talking Club found its roots from the basic question of how teachers were to properly teach English as a language of survival to students in Korea. At Talking Club, we teach our students under E. Bo-young¡¯s guidance following her footsteps. With E. Bo-young¡¯s teaching methodologies and techniques, our carefully designed curriculum, and our teachers that we directly train, our main goal for students to properly speak the English language is already bearing fruit with over 500 registered Talking Clubs all throughout the country stretching out as far as to our neighbor Beijing, China.
At E. Bo-young¡¯s Talking Club, our focus mainly concentrates on the skill of speaking. Due to these specialized speaking classes, small sized classes are also of paramount importance. In the lower level classes (Intro Program), a maximum of 8 students are allowed in each class. In the higher level classes (Main Program) where students engage in discussions and debate, a maximum of only 5 students are allowed in one class so to provide the best speaking friendly environment possible.

In order to properly execute our speaking-oriented classes, we tailored all our educational materials to fit the various levels of students. Our curriculum has been directly developed from our own in-house research department.

ETOS-E. Bo-young¡¯s Talking Club Online System also brings further practice for students to enhance their studies at home after class is dismissed at the Talking Club institute. Materials covered in ETOS are directly related to contexts covered in their student books which they use in their institutes. All that requires to access various exercises and activities in our ETOS Program is a computer supported with an internet connection.

In addition, the diversity of teachers from several English speaking countries gather together to contribute original thinking and distinctive teaching abilities to our community.

E. Bo-young¡¯s Talking Club sets a leading example in the Education Industry all together with our simple concentration on speaking guided by Ms. E. Bo-young¡¯s expert input, executed with our tailored textbooks, conducted by teachers from all over the world and aided by ETOS.